Aliens Attack Earth


But don't be afraid, I'm here, both for love and for the corona son! :) :) :) :) :) :) ...

A couple of days after I saw Madam Blavatsky, morning, when the other people wake up, I fell to sleep... a Blue Water Being passed in front and inside of me, from left to right direction. This was the third of my connection with aliens in my dreams the last 3 years. The first two was Grays. The second of the Grays was much older in age than the first.

So if aliens exist, exist in a higher spiritual world. The fact that some see spacecrafts, is because their mind can not understand what they see, their human light is too low, and create with their mind a picture of spacecraft if they afraid, or a demon, or an angel, depends of what really are they.

I see these aliens about 2-3 years now, but I have see and alive a "spacecraft" flying above of my head when I was driving my car to go home, before 20-30 years. It was like to see the full moon running incredible fast. It was spacecraft? In my knowledge after all these years, it was angels they were flying in formation of Full Circle, instead of inverted V that is the classic flying of angels together.

And of course not forget my first dream at the age of 22, when I was sleeping under a palm tree in a magic place, and thousands white christian crosses flying over me, that now I understand that was the angel aliens.

In conclusion, I believe in angel aliens, but not in spacecrafts. Can Lighting Angels hit a war airplane? Sure they can, if we try to break their Circle or inverted V. Because they travel too long because of their harmony vibration, and they want to be able to return to their home, after say hallo to us. And if we shoot them, they defend their selves.

So what they want from us? What we want from them? To know each other. By meditation... Because our good or bad meditation invites them. If we have only negative thinking, running after money and pleasure with anxiety, we invite satanic beings. Dear fellow men...

Grays are not bad. There are other beings much more bad that possess the bodies and the spirit of the weakness between us, that we must afraid, and we can deal with them by we become more Ethereal. Otherwise, Evolution will overtake us.

ΙΑΣΠΙΣ 2023-08-11 20:42:07 (UT)

And I forgot that at the middle of previous month, the time I fell to sleep, a Yellow Angel appears in 2 meters distance of me, he stay a while and gone. And I was wondering what he wanted. Now I understand that they passing me Knowledge on a higher level and wait for me to understand it and spell it with Logos, words that we all can understand.

ΙΑΣΠΙΣ 2023-08-19 10:07:35 (UT)

Well the Yellow Angel revealed his secrets to me, and told me they were too secret to publish so lightly.
Thus I made another category for the Disciples of Mysteries, who understand that goods are earned by hard work.