Angels and Devils

Costas Tolis

Who are they?

We call Angels, the Light Beams coming from the Sun, and Devils, those rays that come from the core of the Earth. In the Earth's surface, the Magnetism Angels exert to Devils, created the living world Life. Man is in the Intermediate, as a New Creation of Life, trying to understand his place in the Whole, His Being and the Word of His Being.

Both the Angels and Devils, are not so interested so much in man. Their role is to keep the Earth, wandering around the Sun. Here are also the Myths about the Battle on Heaven, between the Angels and the Devils, but it is not a battle, it is Co-operation, to maintain the Balance of the Solar System. The Fallen Angels, is the Light that is stuck in the center of each planet. They called fallen because detached from God-Sun. A little mind needs, they are not higher mathematics :)

But today, we ourselves, the Creations of this Celestial Relationship and Harmony, instead of helping to preserve this balance, we do everything to destroy it. And then the Angels will intervene, and the Devils will come out of Volcanoes to put things in their place and us in Lethe, until we put mind.

The Sun, our Father, does not want weeds in his garden. How difficult is it to understand this? And how much self-destruction does the human self-indulgence show? Think about it, do not say then, I did not know, I did not see, not my fault ...

What is the Soul

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