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God chooses His messengers when He deems fit.

Mystics recognized and not, they see them, trying to reach them, to become better, but also out of jealousy, and thus, remain captive to their Wishes and their lack of knowledge on the Moon.
From there, he deceives them, sometimes Hermes-Science, sometimes Aphrodite-Love, and they think they saw the Sun.

The Buddhist mystics of the East see initiation with a different eye. They try to feel each other, from a distance, this process is called Zen. They cultivate Love.

The Hindu mystics of the East are trapped in the Moon and produce science fiction scripts that feed Hollywood, and in part, unwittingly, are responsible for what we are experiencing today in 2021. They acquire "supernatural" abilities on the Moon, as they see more than the average person, but the world of false images of the Moon deceives them and entices them and leads many others into delusions, often catastrophic (overpopulation).

There are millions of mystics of the Moon, most of whom do not know it. All real artists, let's say, are mystics of the Moon.

However, messengers of the Sun rarely appear and only when there is a reason ...
There are only a few exceptions to this rule, but these few true mystics of the Sun are commanded to pave the way and not to be fully revealed, because people were neither ready nor willing to be. That is why one appears from time to time who reveals the truth.
One such was Jesus Christ 2000 years ago.
So we see that they do not appear every day ...

Jesus brought the message of Love and the people crucified him. And they have been paying for their stupidity ever since.
The Jews who did not believe in him disbanded as a people and only recently managed to pick up their wreckage again and now they are fighting, perhaps in the wrong ways (vaccines), to remain a nation-state with geographical features, like all other peoples.
Greece is ready to disintegrate at the moment for similar historical reasons ...
I do not know if the Jews hate us, I have never felt it anyway. In any case, I do not consider either the Jews or anyone else responsible for the sufferings of Greece, which I have adequately analyzed in recent years on the pages of astra.today and are summarized in a few words I wrote recently:

The fall of morals leads to the fall of the walls, and Polis fell.

In other words, historical lessons that should not be repeated, or when they begin and are repeated to be pointed out as soon as possible so that the wound does not malform and the body collapses and the death of the Polis, which is all humanity, comes.

As I recently wrote, "Jesus is not crucified every 2000 years. He is crucified once every 26,664 years", which is not entirely accurate. He was crucified once and will never be crucified again, because after 26,664 years that the Cycle of his Evolution, Man, will be completed again and closed, he will be one step higher, wiser and closer to the truth about God. Otherwise the sacrifice of His Son would be in vain and God, as is well known, never acts in vain.


And they have been paying for their stupidity ever since.



Here, you need to know Greek to understand what I mean. The meaning is that the stupids after death they become stones.


These for the time being.
Come back in 2000 years with your guardian. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) ...



Signature and Seal of the above put the yesterday's earthquake in Haiti, which is a result of the assassination of Prime Minister of the country, refusing vaccinations.




The Succession

We make a child, as a vehicle, so that our Soul can continue its exploration on Earth when we die. To take all the lessons here, and one day, to ascend to a Higher Frequency of Existence and Vibration, to depart as Light from here and to travel where God will indicate to her in order to continue working at a Higher Level.

The Soul does not leave either in the Ether, or in the Astral Field, or in the Moon, when the body departs at the moment of Death.

The Soul of the parent, is in the Air and seeks her child and if he finds it, he "nests" sweetly inside him entering from his scruff. And we say if he finds it, because if the child does not love his parent, the parent's soul will not be able to enter him. Then the parent is bullied under the soil or wherever his ashes are, until this ash or soil bears fruit and becomes a plant, or a worm, and returns to the Wheel of Life and tries again from the beginning, which he will take of course a few thousand or millions of years.

So you love your children and be sure that they love you too, if you want to have a happy ending.

People who did not have children, like me, but did not pursue the causes of their lives, depending on their actions and their special love for some form of life, will enter the bodies of animals or plants, which are in the breeding season, or in the bodies of other people, like them, in other parts of the world, depending on their actions as we have said.

People like me again, who did not have children, because they have done so much in their previous incarnations and learned their lesson on Earth, are free to decide what to do next. Whether they will be transformed into man, or animal, or plant, or Light and return to the Source of Creation, God. But they probably do not decide for themselves, but God, and if God sees that in 10,000 years he may need them again, He makes them mountains and rivers, which stand there, watching and waiting.

More in the Greek page because these stuff is very important to try to translate them with my english or the google translator.

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