Is God Exists?

Costas Tolis


Is the Sun?

The Sun is the Local God. Its territory is the Solar System.

Can we communicate with the Sun?

We can!

The Sun warns us of the dangers of our lives, individually, by causing our eyes to flicker, and to those who are as pure as physically healthy in terms of healthy eating, ie, herbivores and relaxed ones, reveals it at some point, like it was with me today.

For the right-handed and generally the majority, when flickering inexplicably and without reason, the right eye can be badly news and when flickering the left, good news.

It may be left-handed, or in some isolated cases, the opposite, this should be considered for themselves, because I can not be absolute, as I do not know.

Today, that afternoon, I went out for some reason and when I finished my job, I said to sit down and get some sun to warm up my bum. As long as I had eyes open and where I was looking or moving, I felt both eyes playing in different tensions. And that happens to me First Time!

Other times, always had one eye for good or for evil, and until today, I did not know it was the Sun the cause of the warnings. Today I discovered it.

I began to worry about what would happen to me, because at a gross and optimistic rate the balance was 30%+ 70%- that is, the right eye was playing much more than the left.

But, I said to check better and looked at the Sun with closed eyes and Stop the flicker of the eyes. I changed the angle, stood, moved, and re-started. Only when I looked at the Sun in the face, (with eyes closed) stopped! I repeated the experiment many times and I always had the same result.

Then I remembered that playing both eyes together, it happened to me for the first time, so?

So Sun Thinks and Wants to Communicate With Us! We do not play him and get angry with us!

What I can say, however, with certainty, is that the Sun has not asked for Worship! He asked me for Understanding!

And the rates it sent me today and woke me up, I do not think they relate to me personally. I think they all concern us and as I was wondering about it, I "heard" from a very deep inside of me a voice telling me: WARNING THEM.

The Balance of the Planet is, 30%+ 70%- (wholesale and optimistic estimate).

Which means that the forces of the Darkness of Earth are at the forefront of the powers of the Sunlight. And this is worrying, because that percentage is too big, and things can "escape" ...

Ie must many things be done quickly, because things are already "too dark", and let everyone draw your own conclusions ...

So, "the letter goes out registered", so whoever takes it, takes it ... Half shame mine, half yours :)

Author: High Light Contact

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