Mysterious and Inscrutable are the Ways God Reveals Himself


Once upon a time, in my bedroom I was meditating...

I remember some twenty years ago when I was doing yoga alone in my room, motionless in the pose (ασάνα-ανάσα) for meditation which I had chosen, the door opens and my niece, 3 to 4 years old, suddenly enters the room, start laughing and pointing at something over my head, on the ceiling. I ask her, what are you looking at, what is there? An Angel says to me! And she continued to laugh. I stiffened, and fearing to lose my posture, I tried to see the Angel by looking up, but I could see nothing. Is she kidding me, I was thinking about the baby? Years later, I realized she wasn't kidding me...

And not only did she not make fun of me, but the most important thing is that she did not get scared, nor did she find it strange and unusual to see Angels at that age. Whereas if I had seen him too, I would have been overcome with fear at that time. But with her testimony, which I believed, I found the strength and continued yoga for several more months, until I began to feel this heavenly bliss, which should be everyday life for all of us, but in the end, it is only a privilege for a few determined and pure. The soul of my little niece was still pure, she had not seen the ugliness of this world and she had not yet forgotten her origin from the Heavenly Kingdom.