So, what's next?

Costas Tolis

Next where? Here? There? Everywhere?

In time, in space, in time and space?

Space: Earth
Time: Now
Action: Change

Ofcourse change is non stop always, but this particular change of the Aeons, it happends only once every 2000 plus years.

But what is this change of the Aeons?

In real terms it means that we must grow up as a species. Based on myths of ancient times, but myths as you know, are hidden truths of our unknown and undecoding past, as you maybe already read in our previous articles about the Soul and about Angels and Devils, that we tried to explain ancient religions with terms of modern science.

If we don't grow up, we'll self-destroyed. And probably the Ancient Myths shows us, that this, maybe happened again in ancient unknown times.

And how we grow up?

Before we grow up, we must solve the major problem, that is the overpopulation. We are not cockroaches yet, but we tend to become soon.

And if politics and religions don't do nothing to inform the people about this problem, the problem will be solved with war. Great and mass war... the last world war.

Until then, don't worry, be happy, read your stars daily to have success to all of your activities and start thinking of your future and your children. One children, max two, is what planet needs this Age. So act accordingly.