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I am IASPIS, ΙΑΣΠΙΣ in Greek language, and I am here to help, those who are ready for, to understand the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life is the study of self and life. The scope of this study is man find peace and joy with himself, to know God and to learn His Will, and finally understand that there is no such thing we call death. So every action we take in this life does not end here, but becomes a stepping stone that leads us somewhere else afterwards. Whether it is up or down depends on our actions.

IASPIS is a healing stone with at least 32 shades and is another name of Jesus. We find this stone in the Apocalypse of John as the cornerstone of the New Jerusalem.

Looking the Tree of Life we are in the Earth, in the bottom Sphere and we need to climb to the top. To be sure that we will not fall into sin and illusion, we must ascend to the Moon first and then to the Sun. Then we can study the other Spheres of Mercury-Science and Venus-Love. Most people do not follow this line and for that science getting catastrophic sometimes, as love also leads to divorces.

In order to ascend and get to know the Moon, you must know Astrology, because Astrology is the first step to know yourself.

I started from there many decades ago, and for twenty years I have been providing astrological lessons online. And I will always be there for you to help you in any step you do to know yourself and God. If you are ready to start this amazing trip, click here!

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