The planet have only two options at the moment.


Believe it or not, it's all the same to me...

You see, brother, or sister, there are two pyramids in this world.
The pyramid of wealth and the pyramid of spirit.
And each one pyramid have from one person on top.
The pyramid of wealth have Schwab, and the pyramid of spirit have Tolis.
Schwab brings to mind Swab ham. Tolis brings to mind Toll is.
If you are here for the ham, pay your taxes and turn left to find war.
If you are here for the spirit, pay the toll and turn right to find love.

Am I joking again?
Time will tell... :)

Do you want me to continue the narrative?
Read previous article if you doubt...
For your own good believe me. My word is the word of God.
Anyway I can guarantee only for those who trust my word.
See you there, to the other side of the veil... ;-)