What is the Soul

Costas Tolis

Unraveling the tangle of the Soul

A beam of light is projected from the Sun and strikes the Ground and the Water of the Earth. Part of this beam is trapped in the soil and water of the earth as the Air complicates and mixes them.

Light is not trained to be trapped, but what it feels is something unprecedented for it and decides to explore it. In the course of this exploration and over time the light forgets its origin, is indeed exciting blends of earth materials that the light has give life to them and the light has discovered something new, the pleasure :) Where this pleasure, enables the possibility to light to reproduce idols of himself!

Meanwhile, new bundles of light arrive on the earth every so often and some see the trapped bundles that are already there and decide to help them disengage from it, or illuminate the points that the beams that are already on earth are not seeing. These new bundles in the old days were called Angels.

The Enlightenment that happens to those we call enlightened, Guru, Christ, Buddha, etc., is nothing more than the re-discovery of their origin, which we have described above, but also the way to draw from this source of their origin, the power and the answers they need to keep coming with us and reminding us of our origin. Because of the great attachment to the Ground, the Water and the Air of the Earth (and their blend of pleasure), we have forgotten the Fire that burns in us and keeps us alive :)

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