Age of Aquarius or Age of Horus?


Let's get things straight.

In The Book of the Law, Aleister Crowley describes the Change of Ages occurring in our Age, and claims that after the Age of Osiris, which began in 500 BC. and characterized by patriarchy, earlier it was the Age of Isis characterized by matriarchy, and now we enter the Age of Horus, the Child.

However, there is no evidence anywhere that before 500 BC. matriarchy prevailed. There were Queens perhaps at certain times, but that was probably because the King was dying. Also, even today when we say we have a patriarchy, we are talking nonsense. "The vulva drags a ship" says the popular proverb and this is still the case today. So patriarchy-matriarchy boundaries have always been, and will continue to be, indistinct. However, if we accept that we now have patriarchy, then matriarchy, if it existed, must be sought in the Age of Virgo, over 13 thousand years ago from today.

And he also claims that this Child, Horus, has a Twin, i.e. bisexual, nature. And consequently people in the Age we are now entering tend to become bisexual and have a Twin nature. And those who read Crowley casually, or have humble springs, are quick to applaud, and this is why we see the rise of homosexual movements today, with their extreme and literally stupid demands.

However, the careful observer will easily come to the conclusion that this position of Crowley's was a reaction to the Puritanism of the time and the environment in which he was born, and it is not the case in reality. Homosexuals have always existed, and will exist as long as there are low vibrating parents. By low vibrations we define those whose principles and nature are weak and fall towards the animal and not towards Human.

He also says that in order to enter the Age of Horus, the world will be cleansed by Fire, even though the Sun is in Decline in the Air Sign of Aquarius, which we now enter. And because of these controversial statements of his, the Twin Nature is today referred to by his devotees and others as the Twin Flame.

However, each person has a Twin Nature, that is, a Twin Flame, since the Fire of the Sun is what gives us Life, and our brain has Two Hemispheres which are "heated" and "lit" by the Sun above our head. That is, there are male and female chromosomes in our DNA, and depending on which prevails at each birth, the sex of the child is determined. They exist because if we are only active or only passive, we will be constantly at war, both with ourselves and with everyone else, regardless of gender.

These misconceptions, however, gave way to many low-vibration and fools, who are also the majority of the world's population, and that is why the world is going to hell.

I used to say that the rise of homosexual tendencies is a necessity for the reduction of the world population, which has increased and taken over the earth and time has come to stand still. But phew! Foolish people want to have children too! Whether with surrogate mothers, or tube children, or AI.

Clear-minded People, however, see Man and Woman as the Opposite Poles of a Magnet, coming together to Create offspring. The anus is common to both sexes, neutral, and exists to expel impurities from our bodies, not to add more...

Orgasm, too, has been brought up, and by many "thelemites" who are impressed by Crowley's writings, because it suits their weak nature, as the supreme pleasure. Except that it is a momentary pleasure, which seeks its constant repetition, resulting in rape, child abuse, animal cruelty, and other such "nice" things...

The ultimate pleasure is sharing your life with a person of the opposite sex, who you know will never betray you. And when and if you feel the call to make offspring, do. Until then, hugs and kisses, above the waist... :) And give your descendants solid principles and provisions, so that they will not later curse you, nor want to take revenge on you, nor wonder why you gave birth to them.

And in order to find such a person, because they are rare, you will have to cultivate your character Spiritually, so that you can distinguish it in the crowd that surrounds us.

So even if you don't find it, you will have reached self-fulfillment, you will have discovered the meaning of life on planet earth, you will have fulfilled the Great Work that God planted you to discover and complete, and you will return to Source of Creation to rest. And after you get tired of resting, God will assign you a still higher Mission, and as Angels now, you will roam the Universe enlightening and secretly counseling the hearts of other living beings who are struggling to find the meaning of their existence.

This is the real THELEMA of which "Forerunner John" Crowley wanted to be, and who fortunately had the humility and clarity to write in his Book of the Law, that "another shall come after him, and he shall explain them unto you". And, "Do not expect it from the East, nor from the West, because from no expected house will this child come." Because ΘΕΛΗΜΑ is Greek, and Greece is in the Center of All Cross Roads.


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