Love UNDER Will.

Love under the will means your firm and unshakable decision not to waste your sexual-amorous energy on an occasional and momentary orgasm, but accumulate it, so that finding no other way out, this energy is directed upwards through your spine and spinal cord, and gradually flood, strengthen, and illuminate the centers of your consciousness - chakras, so that it reaches your head, to be Enlightened, and continue upwards, above your head, to meet and unite Harmoniously with the continuous solar and cosmic radiation, coming from the stars, to become One with the Universe and the World, and consequently to learn and understand the ΘΕΛΗΜΑ (Willness) of the Creation of this World, the REASON for your existence, and your Mission in your present Earthly state, which is none other than becoming a Jewel-Lotus-Star, which will adorn and Illuminate this World with Your Love.

Thus you will be in a continuous "orgasm" of a higher quality, the Supreme Pleasure of Love. Where pleasure, as the word says, means "the vibration" (in greek: ηδονή = η δόνηση), that comes from above, from the Sun and the Stars, and thus you will be united and guided by the Spirit and you will not wonder every now and then about the right and wrong of your every action and energy, because you will now be that Energy that overwhelms everything.

That's why we see the Alchemist Lovers in some medieval paintings "wringing" clothes instead of having sex. This is what Jesus meant when a woman approached him at the well where he had gone to drink water and that woman made him a harpoon, and said to her that "you have already burned 5 men, get away from me". That is, this woman was the Temptation, who got in the way of Jesus to test him, to test His Will.

And it is not difficult, it is very easy and simple, if you have other people by your side who understand the above. But it becomes difficult when you are alone and you have forgotten the innocence you had when you were born, and no one reminded you of it until now, but on the contrary, education and the struggle for survival, do not open your eyes, but close them, they do not widen the horizons of your mind and thought, but they limit them.

So, if you want to have children who have the qualities and quality of Jesus Christ, who will not be a burden and trouble to you, but will give you Joy and Jubilation, the Eros for your Spouse of Life, they should be focused on the Heart and not on your genitals. You should first find as Betrothed the Harmony between your Hearts for a certain period of time, without having sex, and when your Eros matures and becomes Love, and you feel the Call to have children to give you joy and not problems, then proceed to the Sacred Marriage between your Two Souls and in the Honeymoon will be the Miracle of Life!

Then you will love the whole world, and your enemies, because you will have understood the Meaning of Life, you will sympathize with them, and you will forgive them, just as Christ on the Cross said, "Father forgive them, they know not what they do," because he knew that he too, in previous lives, that is, his ancestors, had not reached this level of understanding. You won't feel sorry for them though, especially when you see that they tend to harm your children. Therefore, when and if you decide to have children, you should have taken care beforehand that you have taken all the measures so that fools cannot harm them. That is why even the truly Wise today avoid having children,* because the state is only fair on paper, and subsidizes the births of slaves and consumers and not Humans.

* That's why Eliphas Levi,** in the "Great Secret" wrote, "wise men of the whole world, don't have children, write books, these are your children".

** whose reincarnation he believed to be Aleister Crowley. Which Aleister Crowley later wrote for his Book of the Law, "Love is the Law, Love Under the Will", and called his entire work THELEMA. And his book ends with the phrases, "the fool reads the Book of the Law and does not understand it. If he passes the first test, it will become to him like Silver, the second Gold, on the third Precious Stones, and on the fourth Sparks of the Inner Flame". So I write to you too, if you are one of the fools, don't you dare write or criticize my writings, you don't know what awaits you... If you are not one of those fools, and what I wrote was as if you felt it somewhere deep inside, but could not put it into words, and you feel that you want to express your gratitude to me, hit the PayPal button below. Because only in this way will I understand how many and who are not fools in the world today, to send my petition to METATRON-METRATON, so that at the Last Judgment He will weigh you accordingly. :)


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Epirus Chant of Songs for Love! How is love caught?

Από τα μάτια πιάνεται,
στα χείλη κατεβαίνει,
κι από τα χείλη στην καρδιά,
ριζώνει και δεν βγαίνει.

From the eyes it catches,
on the lips it descends,
and from the lips to the heart,
it takes root and does not come out.


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