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Argonauts is compound greek word by,
Argo-nauts -> in english: Slow Sailors -> Those who sail slowly, from life to life ... looking for the
Golden Fleece = Sun!

Captain in the Argonaut Campaign is ΙΑΣΩΝ (JASON), that is similar to ΙΗΣΟΥΣ (JESUS).

ΙΑΣΩΝ mean Healer because it comes from ΙΑΣΙΣ that means Healing.
Like Jesus that he was a healer too, but after ΙΑΣΩΝ about 2222 years later :)

Jesus start the Sign of Pisces, like Jason start the Sign of Aries before him.

Nowadays, ΙΑΣΠΙΣ is around to move forward the humanity to the Sign of Aquarius.

ΙΑΣΠΙΣ is compound greek word by,

ΙΑΣΙΣ -> Healing
ΑΣΠΙΣ -> Shield

and means

ΙΑΣΠΙΣ -> The Shield of Health

ΙΑΣΠΙΣ 2020-07-20 03:59:01 (UT)


Knights Templar and Holy Grail is the same story of Argonauts and Golden Fleece, spoken with Christianity words. You can see it if you translate it to greek:

Slow Sailors -> argoi NAYTES
Knights Templar -> NAITES ippotes

I and Y in greek sounds similarly but the whole word sounds a little bit differently.

ΙΑΣΠΙΣ 2020-07-20 04:17:31 (UT)

So from the stories of

ΙΑΣΩΝ - Jason
ΙΗΣΟΥΣ - Jesus
ΙΑΣΠΙΣ - not defined yet :)

you can understand what Argonauts and Argonaut Campaign is. And act accordingly, from now on...

JASPIS 2020-08-18 14:19:16 (UT)

The Argo (the ship of Argonaut Campaign) and the Noah's Ark, is it the same old story?

Argo is a ship, like the Ark. But with a different mission each ship. The Argo is the ship of the Soul, while the Ark of Noah is the ship of the body.

Both are essential, with Noah's Ark being taught to many and the Argonaut Campaign to the Elect Alumni of the Ark!

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