Until the discovery of the coronavirus vaccine

Costas Tolis

Read how to better protect yourself

The coronavirus invades and crushes vulnerable groups of people.
As vulnerable, regardless of age, are the groups that do not follow proper nutrition.
Proper nutrition means we do not eat meat again, fried foods, we do not consume olive oil, better many olives, it is much healthier!
We eat fruits with Yang elements such as apples, pears, apricots, yoghurts, strawberries, we avoid Yin fruits such as oranges, melons, pineapples and generally exotic fruits.
We eat animal derivatives like eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt (with honey and strawberries preferably :), even if the animal derivatives are made of goats, even better.
Grilled or baked fish, not fried, in moderation.
We eat lentils, legumes in general, pasta, rice and similar vegetable derivatives, of course vegetables.
We eat nuts, we drink herbs.

In short, these are a good defensive diet for our immune system against the coronavirus, until, if found, a miracle vaccine ...

Staying home still means a significant reduction in food consumption.
When the body is not moving, it does not require the same energy in food as it needs when moving daily.
When you are hungry at home and you do not want your stomach to eat because of the time, say, drink a juice, or a glass of milk. You will go to the toilet for a pee more times, but the habit of hunger for more energy from your previous life before a coronary will be harvested and erased. This way you will get an amazing silhouette, with whatever it means, whether you are female or male! ;-)


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