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Bright celebration next Sunday for the Orthodox Christians. The Jews have Passover now and it ends on Tuesday. What are they all celebrating?

Orthodox Christians celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Jews celebrate the passage of the Jews from the Red Sea to the promised land, because the so-called Easter means Passage. However, there is no historical evidence for any of these events. As the Holy Books of the Jews, which are also the Old Testament of the Christians, were supposed to have been discovered around 550 BC. and there is no evidence that they were not written then. The Jews also, although they recognize the existence of Jesus, did not hold him in high esteem and did not recognize him as their Messiah, because he did not save them from the Romans and because he spoiled the soup of their priests, and they say that he was not crucified. And for this matter, there is no written evidence of people who lived in that period. There are writings of people who lived at least 1 century later. Catholics at this point are more valid for me, since they "sacrilegiously" celebrate the Vernal Equinox, that is, the beginning of the increase in the length of the day.

At the time of Jesus, however, there was historical evidence of a Greek, Apollonius Tyanaeus, who performed miracles similar to those attributed to Jesus. And as I have written before, since "history" is written by the victors, and the Romans were victorious then, no one knows exactly what happened then.

The Holy Books of the Jews were "discovered" two generations after the Jews were freed from the Babylonians. From whom Babylonians, captives mixed from different regions of the region, established the Jewish Nation in the region of Palestine. That there were 12 tribes refers to the influences of Zoroastrianism with the 12 zodiac signs. One of these tribes was chosen to form their Priesthood.

I personally, as Iaspis and as reincarnation of Jesus :) I guess, that this Priesthood of the Jews in 600 BC. about, when they were freed from the Babylonians, they did not stay in Palestine, but went on and went to Egypt. There with the knowledge they had gathered from the Babylonians, they gathered whatever other knowledge they found in Egypt about Hermes Trismegistus and the Greeks in general, they renamed Hermes Trismegistus to Solomon, and returning to Palestine, they began to build their own Temple of Solomon for their newly founded Nation, on the ruins of an earlier building. In Egypt they also compiled their Alphabet, which is similar to the hieroglyphs of the Egyptians and named their Patriarch Abraham. In order to unite these scattered tribes of ex-captives, they said they "discovered" in the excavations the Five Books of the so-called Pentateuch. In other words, they wrote down the knowledge they had gathered from other peoples, but slightly modified and presented it as their own.

And I present as evidence for what I say, in the articles I have already written here from time to time. The succession to the Jews in their religious continuity is based on the faith of the Mother of the offspring, and their constant search, even today, is the search for the "Promised Land". If we combine these two they give us the ΕΥ-ΡΕΑ (in greek: good land) race. That is, the good promised land, which comes from the Greek goddess Rhea.

ΜΩΗΣΗΣ that is ΝΟΗΣΙΣ (Moses means Knowledge).
ΝΩΕ that is ΝΟΗΣΕ (Noah means got to know).
ΙΣΡΑΗΛ that is ΙΣΙΣ ΡΑ ΗΛΙΟΣ (Isis Ra Helios).
ΑΒΡΑΑΜ ABRAHAM, that is the AlphaBet of RA to HAM son of Noah.

ΓΗ ΟΝ Τ, Earth On T, that is Saturn-Time reigns on Earth, whose letter is Tau and whose symbol is the Cross.
ΧΕ, HE, that is Helios and Hellas.
ΒΑΎ, Vav, that is Babylon.
ΧΕ, HE, that is Helios and Hellas.

The two HE are indications that they understood that there is also a larger and denser Sun, from which all the Galaxies emanate, as they had probably learned from the writings of Hermes Trismegistus.

The Romans in their decadence, wanting to distract the people they enslaved from the misery they had thrown at them, so that they would not rebel, took advantage of Jesus, who had then discovered what I am writing now... but the fellow countrymen did not believe him, and Apollonius Tyanaeus, and they sowed Discord among the peoples, attributing to Jesus the wondrous and miraculous powers of Apollonius Tyanaeus to Jesus. They spread that Jesus was crucified in the worst way, by the Jews actually, making them Pontius Pilate who anointed his hands. And they added attributes to Jesus to suit their narrative.

To convince them to turn the other cheek when they were beaten, burned and thrown to the wild beasts in the Colosseum arenas of the entire then known world and more. And when they made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire, they added that they can sin (the rich Romans that is), because Jesus was crucified so that all before and after him could sin, and he, Jesus, would forgive them.

With similar political machinations around 600 AD. Islam was also created by Muhammad, and since they accept Abraham as their Patriarch, the Jewish priesthood of those times must have put a hand, let's say out of revenge, since they too had been expelled by the Romans and perhaps later by the Christians, from their "holy" land, Palestine.

As for the Orthodox Christians, who ruled the Eastern Roman Empire, let's not forget their "lovely contribution", in getting the Greeks themselves to curse the Greeks and Greece on the Sunday of Orthodoxy...

And because this narrative set up first by the Jews, then by the Romans, and then again by the Jews in collaboration with the Mongol-Ottomans, was a lie, the world continues to this day, in the mess it is in, and now it is ready to go to hell. Because with lies you don't build a village, you build a brothel.

The barbaric Anglo-Saxons of German origin, started Crusades to retake the "holy lands" from the Ottomans, and later went to America and slaughtered all the natives. Then they went on to India, China and generally, where they smelled opportunities for more wealth, as they finally believed the fairy tale they had set up themselves, they thought they were the "civilized" Chosen (with the wealth they stole from others), and they have the "sacred" right to make everyone else like their barbaric faces, and have them as slaves and servants.

And because they did not have the breadth of mind to spell more than five or ten words, at the UN they declared the English language as the world language, and not Greek. Which Greek is the richest language in the world, because it is not arbitrary, but the words bring the mind to the state of seeing what the words say, they have continuity, that is, the words arise from one another (Ερμής Ερμηνεία, Hermes Interpretation), and their arithmetic value is based on this continuity, and thus the mind becomes intelligent and constantly discovers new things useful, both in science and culture, and in spirituality. Situations that are missing from English and at least all other western languages...

KeTeR (in Hebrew) = 620 = 6+2+0 = 8 = ΕΡΜΗΣ (Hermes in Greek) = 353 = 3+5+3 = 11 = ΓΝΩΣΗ (knowledge) = 1061 = 1+0+6+1 = 8, 11 = 1+1 = 2 = ΖΩΔΙΑΡΚΩΣ ΖΩΔΙΑΚΑΩΣ (scratch that dude) :)

ΙΗΣΟΥΣ = 888 = 8+8+8 = 24 = 2+4 = 6 = ΗΛΙΟΣ
ΙΑΣΠΙΣ = 501 = 5+0+1 = 6 = ΗΛΙΟΣ

So until the Greek Language becomes the World Language and the historical truth is restored, you will be at constant war, both with yourself and with everyone else around you._

ΙΑΣΠΙΣ 2024-05-04 03:50:14 (UT)

Neither Saturn, nor Sabatai, you would think, have anything to do with the letter Tau. So why is this letter attributed to them?

Because the letter Tau is the first letter of the word END (ΤΕΛΟΣ in Greek), that is, the End of our body's life on Earth, and generally the Time End of things and states. That is why in English Time was called Time. Time comes from I AM, abbreviated I'M, and putting T in front of it gives TIME, i.e. the End of I Am. The final E results from the Greek Εγώ Είμαι (I AM) and the animal Energy, which ends and the animal-man dies.

From the above it follows that both the Jews-Hebrew, and the Anglo-Saxons who come from the Germans, got their knowledge from the Greeks. Because when the Greeks lived civilized, they all danced in the trees like monkeys! :) :) :) :) :) :) ...

No hard feelings dudes. Just facts.

ΙΑΣΠΙΣ 2024-05-06 02:40:35 (UT)


- Emm :( Mr. Iaspis, is there a relationship between Jesus and Hermes?

Very nice question my dear child! :) I imagine you will know the well-known equation:
The policeman is an instrument. + The bouzouki is an instrument. = So the policeman is a bouzouki! :)
So in the same way, in Κυμβάλειον, English Kybalion, Hebrew Kabbalah...

Hermes (Mercury) is 8. + Hermes Trismegistus is 8+8+8. + ΙΗΣΟΥΣ (Jesus) = 8+8+8. = So ΙΗΣΟΥΣ is Hermes Trismegistus!

The horizontal 8 is the symbol of Infinity in Physics and Mathematics.

In the same way :)

ΓΝΩΣΗ = ΑΠΟΛΛΩΝ = 1061 = 8 = Ερμής (Knowledge = Appolo = 1061 = 8 = Hermes)
ΚΩΝΣΤΑΝΤΙΝΟΣ = 2051 = 8 = Ερμής (Constantine = 2051 = 8 = Hermes)

Constantine is the Christian name of Iaspis in the world. :)
And who was once also called Great, as he has already mentioned in previous essays-articles.

- Emm :( you Mr... who write all this, who are you after all? Iaspis? Constantine? Jesus? Hermes? Hermes Trismegistus? Apollo? You have confused me a lot you know... :(

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) ...

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I change names, like shirts, because I like variety.
I'm bored and sick of the uniformity.
I am Space (Διάστημα), Division (Διαίρεση) through Zeus (Δία) of One.

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