The Odyssey of the World


From the thigh of Zeus!

Homer teaches us through the Odyssey, the Journey back to Ithaca which is a disguised name and poetic license of Ethics. And her name is veiled, because the Poet wants to exercise the mind of the listeners, to sharpen it to find what he means. And perhaps because Ethics then, as now, was persecuted in disguise by the regime and the society that has such a regime, and which considers honest and moral people, dumb and suckers. Of an Ethic he had when he stood next to Penelope, which means a Spring of Clear Water as we have shown in previous essays, and which he lost in the sufferings of the Trojan War. Where he was forced to use all means and "cunning" methods for the Achaeans (Ancients) to prevail and the war to end.

The Odyssey describes, among other things, the way to get out of the Sirens of this world that blind the sight and hearing and disturb the mind. Because only with a purified mind, we can experience with all our known and unknown senses, the World as it really is. He bound himself to the mast so that he might see and hear, but not be able to yield to the cries of these Sirens, who called him to abandon the return to Morality and yield to the lower pleasures of this world. Odysseus went through many trials, because the "temptations" of this world are many. The mast symbolizes the Spinal Column - Kundalini, and the binding, the ascent that requires unwavering will.

The Works of Homer describe in fiction, the rise and fall of an earlier ancient civilization, as well as the Teachings of that civilization. And which formed the basis for the Ancient Greek Civilization. And they should be placed in time, after the Age of Atlantis.

The Iliad and Troy is the continuation of the story that Plato describes in Timaeus, about the battle between the Athenians and the Atlanteans, in which the Athenians prevailed and liberated the entire known world at the time. Troy was apparently one of the last strongholds of the Atlanteans.

The Iliad concerns the ascent to the Sphere of the Sun, as its name once again eloquently indicates: Ode to the Sun. That is, it describes from the beginning to the Middle Ages that ancient civilization and its fall, which begins with the Odyssey. The Odyssey is the fall of that civilization, in the Sphere of the Moon. In the superstitions of Circe, Calypso, the Lotus-eaters, the Cyclops, etc. etc.

This is to show us that although we may rise to the level of the Sun, either individually or collectively, we cannot stay there permanently, unless we become Angels or Demigods or Golden Genus, and we must also know how to descend from there with the techniques that Odysseus also used and returned to his Source.

Odysseus arrives at Ithaca, in the earthly world, and finds it in a bad state. Morality in society has collapsed and as a King, he must put it back into order by exterminating the unholy suitors. Which means that after we receive the Knowledge of the Higher Fields and return, we must eliminate from our lives the unnecessary characters that surround us, and try with the means we have for the best of the whole society in which we live.

To prove that he is the best for King, Odysseus draws the bow that only he could draw, and passes the arrow through all 12 sherds that were lined up. That is, he is a Soul, who has passed through all 12 signs of the Zodiac successfully, and all who succeed in this, become Real Kings of this Earthly World. And they are the only ones who deserve to be Kings, for human society to prevent, because they have been through all the pitfalls of earthly life before and remember how to avoid them and protect their people.

Homer himself tells us that he was born from the thigh of Zeus, that is, it is Dionysus who wrote these Works and his artistic nickname is Homer. If we look for Dionysus a bit, we will see that he is fed by 12 water nymphs. This food of Dionysus, the Mysterious Greeks called it Σχήμα Αμφορέων and the Jews who discovered their writings, due to pronunciation, called it Shema Hamphores, which are subdivisions of the 12 Zodiac-Amphorae, 12*6=72. The Σχήμα Αμφορέων is the division of the Sky into equal parts, which from each part, at the same time period every Year, "rains" on the earth Souls of new people, who go along with the name of the sign they were born with and certain more characteristic qualities from the Subdecan of this Sign.

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Homer's Works also teach us that one man can rule a place, but not all places together. Each region had its King. The one sent by the Sun himself! Because then there were the criteria-Mysteries of the Ancient Greeks, for the selection of the best! Which with the advent of Christianity, were persecuted and stopped.

The civilization sank in the last 2000 years, because the Age of Aries was in its decline and fading, with the Romans going on meat and wine drinking orgies. The Mysteries were misinterpreted according to the taste of every ruler, money maker from air, and black magician, and that is why even today, we are still trying to understand those very simple things about life, which make it beautiful to live.

Instead, like the Atlanteans once upon a time, we destroy the Natural Environment by setting fires to install wind turbines. And as when Atlantis sank overnight, so now, Nature will set things right.

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How did the Ancients become Achaeans?

In the Great Flood, the Oresivians of Pindus (Dodoni, Acheron, Lourou, Nicopolis, Nicopol...), were spared like Noah, and some, when the waters subsided, the place they found land, called it Achaia. From Rei, Hey, Ancients! Because they Flowed with the Waters downwards. Gently. Sweet. Live! :) :) :) :) :) ...


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And for those of you who don't know, Dodoni is the oldest Oracle of Greece.
The Louros river is the Umbilical Cord of the Earth.
The Acheron River is the river that Mercury accompanies the dead to the Underworld.
Nicopolis is an ancient Greek City of the region.
Nikopol is the hero of the movie Immortals.

These are the places where my father and mother were born and where they arrested me! :)
And that's not all there is. These are the shakiest.

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What is the occult name of the Zodiac?
Even though I've written it before, repeat...

ΖΩ-ΔΙΑΡΚΩΣ = I live forever

And one more that came to me now! ;-)

ΖΩ-ΔΙΑΚΑΩΣ = I live fervently
ΖΩ-ΔΙΑ-ΚΑΩΣ = I live by combustion