144,000 will be saved


Apocalypse of John

According to Kabbalah.

1+4+4=9 = Moon = Yesod
144/2=72=7+2=9 = Moon = Yesod
72/6=12 = 12 Zodiac Signs

They will be saved those who's following the Lamb.
The Lamb is Jesus. Jesus is Tifareth. The Sun = 6.
Because Jesus is a Sun Messenger.

So the 144,000 means that will be saved those who follow the Path from Yesod to Tifareth, from Moon to Sun.
Zeros means that can be any number of people at all times.
The seal in their faces means that their Third Eye is open.

The Apocalypse have 22 Chapters that represents the 22 Channels-Paths of Tree of Life.
John saw the Sun in the morning and the colors he saw, say that was Jesus.
John was in Patmos, a Greek island. This give us the idea that he was influenced from Greek Spirit and Knowledge when he writing Apocalypse.

Apocalypse have two readings:

One for any individual who ends their earth cycle life after many incarnations, and are ready to become Ethereal Beings as Light.

The second is for all people as civilization, and tell us, that any civilization start from zero, growing up to Zenith, and fall. And this happens regularly about every 2000 years, when the Sun in the Sky, change Zodiac Sign at the Spring Equinox.

Apocalypse as her name say, reveals many ancient Knowledge but in code. Because Christians burning libraries like Alexandria at those times back...

ΙΑΣΠΙΣ 2023-07-23 04:43:34 (UT)

144/6=24 Elders who sit on the Thrones of the Spirit around God.
24=2+4=6 = Sun = Tipharet = Beauty

«And all around the throne were 24 thrones; and on the thrones I saw sitting the 24 elders, dressed in white robes; and on their heads they had golden crowns.»

24 brings to mind first of all the 24 letters of the Greek Alphabet.
Second, they relate to 4 Animals, which are the 4 Fixed Signs, Leo, Scorpio (Eagle), Aquarius (Man), and Taurus.
That they are associated with Signs, leads us to suppose that each one corresponds to 1/2 of each sign, the first part corresponding to the Male and the second to the Female Gender, of those who are "clothed in white with golden crowns and glorify God in the center."
That they are elders, means that they are Souls of Great Age who have learned the lessons of the earth, and have come out of the Wheel of Life, Pure and Educated.

ΙΑΣΠΙΣ 2023-07-23 09:05:03 (UT)

Let me make a clarification about the Third Eye since I mentioned it above.
The Third Eye opens in the Astral Field, in the Orb of the Moon, whose occult name is Foundation and whose number is 9.
On the Moon, however, the "vision" of the Third Eye is limited and blurred. That's why I also gave the warnings in a previous article.
He must reach the Sun to see the Third Eye clearly, and from there on, see as far as he can.