The devil's weed


Poisonous poa, used by ancient Shamans in America, but also Kabbalistic Magicians in Europe in the Middle Ages.


It's not a pleasure drug, so don't try it, or you'll miss out. The description below is embellished for literary purposes and does not describe the negative effects. The negative effects, which can lead you to death and in a horrible way. It takes absolute fasting from food for at least 3 days before the experience, only water, and until the experience ends.

I looked at the devil's weed as it stood on top of the rubble and rubbish of the dump... I approached reverently. I apologized to the plant many times and did a hundred penances so that it would forgive me for taking away some of its fruits. I wanted to see the "Christ soldier" (to escape of reality. Christ as soldier, it's a joke we say here in Greece) and there was no other way to achieve this. And I saw him. I was standing at the gate of the fort which also has cannons at its entrance. It was night. And then suddenly, strange things started happening. One cannon transformed into a large black panther and glared at me. Next to it, in the other cannon, several corpses were slumped over. A lot of people were going in and out of the gate and the bullets were raining down and everyone was running away. I was stunned and looked at the battle that had happened there for many centuries. I no longer had any doubt that time travel was possible. The only thing I didn't know was how to get back to the present, but for now that didn't bother me. Only the big black panther was staring intently into my eyes and seemed to understand my presence there, no one else. He was the Keeper of the Gate of the City when a traitor opened the Kerkoporta and the Turks entered and slaughtered the pure and innocent from the many feasts and feasts and orgies, Christians. I got into the car and told the driver to get out of here. I didn't want to see any more blood. I looked at the moon through the car window and it was red and dripping with blood.... If you haven't seen the half-half-crescent in the abyss crimson dripping with blood, you haven't seen anything. I got home and I went to put the keys in the door, but as I put the key in the lock, electrical discharges and sparks flew from their contact. This must have taken a long time because my eyes had lost focus and I was having a hard time finding the keyhole. When I finally made it and got home, something prompted me to go to the mirror to look at my face. And Oh! what a surprise that was... In place of the eyes I had two glass blood beads. I was stunned for some time there and looked through my "eyes" at myself. Ok, I wasn't too dirty... I was still fighting her, she was getting me (my existance, slang* way to say I'm ok). In the room alone, things were quieter. The library didn't fly, only some dark fleeting figures appeared on the curtains for a while and then disappeared again. I closed my eyes and the dark figures disappeared and a book took their place. I started reading, the sentences, the phrases and everything, were incoherent, but the story was good and I wanted to read, I was interested and fascinated by what he described, although I don't remember anything he wrote now. The book was inside my mind, but out of habit every time I reached the end of the page, I unconsciously raise my hand to turn the page, but the hand would not find the book, then I realize that the book was inside my mind and I just had to order it to turn the page to continue reading. So it happened and the whole night passed and the book was not finished.

The other dimensions are strange. When you go in there, it's like starting from where you were the last time you were in that dimension. All the intervening time of normal consciousness, which can be many years, magically disappears and you think you've always lived in this other dimension. This is how one becomes multidimensional and one's life acquires another meaning and interest. The other dimensions are not innocent, just as the normal one we live in now is not innocent either. But it offers a suspense that the present could never provide on its own. What is certain, however, is that it is not for everyone and especially for those who are afraid of their self, because in these, the other dimensions, they may lose it...

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"Devil's weed" was published on the occasion of this video

And the comment I made there:

If the world today is a result of the ancient Greek mysteries and mystics, it should make us wonder why the world is like this today. Because it is not to be imitated.
The fact that the monotheistic religions were imposed should trouble us because the above ancient Greek sages allowed it to happen. Did they fall from heaven? Did they perhaps forget him in the tenderness and insatiable pleasure without limits? Did they tangle with the barbarians and get carried away? Etc.
Otherwise for the crowd I agree that it's a bit sudden to cut their meat, but I who have cut it, necessarily because otherwise my body would be distorted, because I'm not an athletic type to burn it all, so cutting meat, in addition to better health in general, it brings the whole body closer to making the "leap" upwards, to peace of mind, with more success.

For the mushrooms. The Netherlands pays a lot of "burnts" from crazy mekans (mushrooms with psychedelic properties). It provides them with free shelter and food. I met one and understood why it is not for imitation and pleasure.
I personally had tried before I was 25 years old, German mushrooms straight from the field :) in tea probably, although I don't remember if we ate them all afterwards, and indeed the whole world was different, nice and smiling, maybe because I also smoked hashish (no grass) together. But then I read that after 28, brain cells don't replenish and I stopped using them and generally being interested in other realities with substance use. I want to be able to walk in and out without crutches, now, in the abodes of mystery, which I have achieved with Raja Yoga, vegetarianism and avoiding caffeine and alcohol.
I've basically tried everything that was out there, up until I was 28 years old. Then only cannabis and its derivatives, if possible. No stress and anxiety.
Generally speaking, away from heroin and cocaine, they offer nothing and enslave you while you are supposed to be looking for freedom. Keep far away from chemistry made by others.

PS: The fact that I have written on my page about Hierophants, does not mean that I am a Hierophant. Nevertheless, yes, I saw the Hierophant's animals. If any innuendo or slur in the video is directed at me.

In conclusion, with new information :) the "secret" of the Eleusinian initiation was to "call you out" for what you secretly thought, as I wrote in an article recently, "Little People Big Expectations", and if you get over it with the with the help of a specific ritual, you come into contact, in an ecstatic state, with the world of the Gods!

First published 2020-02-29
Then I hid it because I realized that people will start looking for easy solutions and say they saw God...
But these types of plants can become a habit and enslave you.
These plants are only to break the perception of the World that we had in the Matrix.
Not to eat them every day...

I'm reposting it now because the... movement thinks that all of this should be spread so loosely. Without thinking of the consequences for the people who will take them without a guide, without a Don Juan.


* slang in Greek called argo, like the ship Argo... and I'm wondering if this word comes from ancient times :)

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Hey Twin Brother! Have you heard the news? Some asshole put something in my drink! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) ...

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In conclusion, with new information :) the "secret" of the Eleusinian initiation was to "call you out" for what you secretly thought, as I wrote in an article recently, "Little People Big Expectations", and if you get over it with the with the help of a specific ritual, you come into contact, in an ecstatic state, with the world of the Gods!

And since the Mysteries do not exist today, I had to create the conditions myself, with a multitude of people participating, without knowing it. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) ... Just kidding, I didn't create the conditions consciously. The Light created them. People didn't know they was involved, and I realized that later. At that time it was Drama and Comedy together. That's why I still can't stop laughing! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) ...

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