How do we turn rust into gold?


For new alchemists :)

The famous Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus contains the answer to this question.

VI. You want to separate the earth from the fire, the thin from the dense gently and after great skill.

That is, to focus on the Fire-Light within you and to "relax" a little of your Body-Matter-Earth-Environment.

VII. He then wants to ascend from the earth to the sky and immediately he will descend again on the earth, where he will collect the power of the higher and lower things.

Here, either by Meditation, or by Astrology, or by both together, you collect-study, the power-knowledge, of the higher-heavenly and lower-terrestrial, things-states.

The Gold here in our history is the Light, which for us earthlings, the most and most essential for our earthly life, light, we receive from the Sun. That is why it is also called Holy Light! Rust is the unclassified and chaotic thinking, without logic and reason.

-(Truly I say to you: everything that I said about the processing of the Sun is complete).

The alchemist's furnace that burns at high temperatures to transform rust into gold is a symbolism and allegory of the high temperatures that exist in the Sun, the Home of Light and that at such temperatures, both rust and metals in general, as well as the thoughts, burn and so, are purified and become Holy Light-Gold again.

The Sun here should be understood as the closest and most undeniable manifestation of God to us and the means by which we understand Creation in its entirety. In other words, we must "burn" our thoughts if we want to understand the Essence of Creation and the Reason for our Existence.

First Publish: 2018-06-25