What connect Idigo kids, Chosen Ones, Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean, UFO?


They will answer you all of your questions that have never made. :)

The new Circo Medrano is now on internet!
The new Mickey Mouse from USA for small and big children. :)
The result of hippies and lsd "revolution"...

The idigo kids that are men now, are creation of Secret Services of USA, either with their knowledge or without their knowledge. That is, they promote their fantasies, with the support of Secret Services, so that they hold the low vibration people all over the globe, away from knowledge and make them fear or hope to aliens, that will destroy them, or save them.

They are descendants of the flower children, the hippies, and because they were made under the influence of drugs, lsd mainly, they were born, let's say, with many fantasies, and many psychological problems. Secret Services they are now taking advantage of this, most of the time without the knowledge of these people themselves, by promoting them on the internet to lure the unsuspecting as well, so as to disorient public opinion from its real problems, and to consider them as knowledgeable of knowledge that they do not know, but falsify the historical truth, as well as the collective consciousness.

At first I treated them with understanding and tried to see if they actually had something to say. They are vulnerable, sensitive, and irrelevant, and cannot answer any substantive question, nor make any particular technical display of superior knowledge.

As for the "chosen ones" they are the new young men that understand that is something is not going well in the planet, and the Secret Services again manipulate them that they are the 144,000 of Apocalypse of John.

Another scenario is the Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean, which were discovered "coincidentally" with the explosion of Quantum Theory in the early 20th century, by an adventurous charlatan, pushed from the Secret Services again... who translated them himself :) and its present-day successors claim that discovered that contain "high mathematic types and Quantum codes"... :) :) :) :) :) :) ... and sell good books to ignorant and gullible people.

And there are many other clones like Kryon etc, so take care of yourself of weird good or bad news...

Couple the above with the "sudden discovery of aliens" of late, and you have the complete true state of affairs these days....

I let it to you what and if you buy it and bite it...