My agreement with animals, plants and fish.

Animals do not exist to be killed and eaten, least of all us humans, who smugly like to say that we are the most "advanced" species on planet earth. Some animals can provide us with some of their products, such as milk, cheese, eggs, etc., in exchange for us protecting them from wolves, bears and other carnivorous non-evolved animals. But most of us, because we are "civilized", instead of letting them die peacefully in their old age, we kill them to cover the barbaric habits-remnants of an earlier, more difficult environmental world.

The ultimate fruit diet is the ideal in some future world for man. Until then, we work with animals, and eat the animal products they give us, milk products and eggs. The rest of the carnivores that we can civilize and make them sharers of our global ideal society, we should learn them little by little, to they also eat the animal derivatives of the herbivorous animals. Even the lion can do without meat if he is trained to eat cheese for example.

There are indications that once in the very distant past, at the height of an Atlantean Age, this universality existed, and today's wild animals were not wild and roamed among us like dogs and cats, because they did not eat each other, but they cared for each other. This is the meaning-example of the Lamb, the most non-evil animal, from which everyone can take what it produces, as long as we let it graze, protecting it from predators. But even if there were never these signs, this should be the Goal for every Man who wants to be called Man, and his Mission is to make the Earth a paradise for all creation.

That we fight and kill each other is a result of our primitive meat-eating habits. By consuming something that has felt the horror of its sudden and causeless death, and of its restrictive caged lifestyle, it transmits its horror to us, and from rational beings with consciousness and purpose, we become cannibals, since we may not eat the each other, but we very easily kill each other.

We do not need higher mathematics, which is the biggest fraud to serve the interests of a stupid oligarchy, to understand these very simple things about life and the reason for our existence. This "higher" and today "economic" mathematics exists because its difficulty is its indeterminacy, which makes the naive believe that those who possess this "knowledge" are superior. Numbers are Sacred for the Philosophical Ideas which they represent, for the Understanding of the Universe, and not for the wicked to weave all their schemes, confusing and mocking the weak and easily manipulated unlearned characters of the plebeians. Which these characters of the plebeians grow thin, because of their diet.

Plants exist to feed animals, including us, in addition to producing the oxygen we need to breathe. Thus, we use them with the utmost care by gathering their fruits, which is a natural process for any unobtrusive and reasonable observer. Because many invoke Logic as the face of their worldview, but when they come to question why they have to kill to eat meat, they forget it, and say they can't last 10 days on fruit alone. Their egoism set up the other extreme, the ideal, the absolute eating of fruit, as a counterweight to their trial, that they might afterwards reject it and say, only philosophers and monks can eat only fruit. While Logic, in the present phase of Life on Earth, must find the middle solution which is the one I described above, which says eat fruits, greens, dairy and eggs, that is derivatives and do not kill their producer. Now some sly saltibugs are recommending insects, or making artificial meats, to prevent the average man from thinking for himself and eating undigested what they sell him, and making a profit they need, because only with money can they feel safety and not to be afraid. And as wicked, they also destroy the minds of all the rest of the unlearned and refuse to think for themselves with their logic. And after so many millennia of deception, the logic gene has died out in most of today's "humans". That is why Nature, we see today, is preparing to expel its hosts-viruses-cancers.

As for fish and water creatures in general, they should only be used as food in last-ditch survival situations.

You fight for capitalism, socialism, communism, anarchism, islamism, christianity, and it doesn't add up... basically you are fighting for yourself, for your skin, trampling on every natural process and activity on the earth and beyond, and therefore the Earth and the Sun will destroy you if you continue to behave irrationally, both against them and against you. You are self-destructive because you refuse to enter into the process of the simplest thought, for which thought you so boast that you are different from the rest of the animals. Direct your thinking to the analysis of the atom and feel great about the theories of Einstein and Quantum Physics, which only offered you nuclear weapons to destroy yourself.