The Fear of Death


How do the Enlightened Ones treat him from ancient times to today?

G. Alexander to Diogenes:
How do you talk like that to me, the King, aren't you afraid I'll kill you?
Diogenes to G. Alexander:
Here where I live, in the barrel, even a scorpion can kill me. And what happened if you killed me? What will you win?

Better one hour of free life than forty years of slavery and prison.
Rigas Feraios

A Russian Jew named Roby Joseph Isaac, in 1929, because he was religious, faced persecution, imprisonment, and torture, to renounce his beliefs.
A Bolshevik soldier put the pistol to his temple and said: This gun has changed the minds of many people and made them cooperate with us.
And the Russian Jew said to him: This toy may frighten one who has one world and many gods, but not one who has One God and many worlds.

visions 2023-08-08 19:18:28 (UT)

I see a carriage with 4 horses.
Either it will be Royal, or hearse. :)
But who cares anyway?
Me or You?

just send the bucks to pay the coachman :)
and don't forget to ask God to confirm the bill... :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) ...