Archangels Metatron and Sandalphon


Angels speak Greek!

Μέτρα Τον Ουρανό! = Measure The Sky!
Μέτρα Τον Εαυτό! = Measure The Self!
Μέτρα Τον Χρόνο! = Measure The Time!
Μετατρο(ν) Ποίησέ Τα! = Metatro(n) Create Them! or Convert Them!

Sandalphon is a sandal wearer.
Metatron is beside the throne of God.

What does this remind us of? Hermes the Messenger of the Gods.
For Metatron, others say "after throne" of God, and I because I did not see Θ but T, "measure the" and "transformation"*, all three Greek phrases and words, and which quite strangely, either with Θ, or with T, the result is correct. Because Archangel Metatron is the most direct to God, and therefore after His Throne, but also his tasks as Archangel, are measurements and conversions, as we will find by studying his history.

They are both the only Angels who were formerly human and prophets. And because of their origin from humans, in the Angelic Kingdom they are considered or are, Twins. Metatron was Enoch, and Sandalphon the Prophet Elijah.
Enoch saw God face to face and never came back because he united with Him and became His Scribe, who records the course of men in order to weigh them at the Final Judgment, that is, at the moment of the death of their bodies. He is the closest Angel to God's side.

The Prophet Elijah, i.e. Messenger of the Sun, also saw God and a fiery chariot came down and took him. **

Mercury we know rules two signs, Gemini and Virgo. So these two Angels are the two manifestations of Mercury. Metatron is Mercury in Virgo, and Sandalphon is Mercury in Gemini.

In the Tree of Life their position is at 1 (Pure) and 10 (Kingdom). At 1 the Project begins and at 10 it ends. The Beginning and the End, A and Ω.

Mercury is the son of Zeus, the King of Gods and Men, in the Greek Pantheon.
Zeus is the Logos of the Division of the One into Many, and with the Logos the Evangelist John begins: In the beginning was the Logos, and the Logos was to God, and God was the Logos.

Hermes has his mother Maia, she who help women to birth the children of men, and is one of the Pleiades, Mistress of Zeus. That is, she is his mistress when Jupiter passes through the Pleiades which are in the constellation of Taurus. So the letters and the arts and many other things that Mercury brought to mankind, appeared in the Age of Taurus, or some Age of Taurus... Then the people in the Greek area began to Interpret and record the world around them. Because he has father Jupiter and mother Maia, which they are markers of Time in Space in this case. The myth here is journal entry. But if it was done in the pre-previous Age of Taurus, more than 26664+6666 years ago, the traces disappear and others will have to be found and combined.

Mercury became Trismegistus, when the Greek and Egyptian Traditions tried and succeeded in uniting the Greek Traditions about Mercury with the Egyptian ones about Thoth and created a third deity that is a combination of the two. Later it is said by Manetho that Moses also copied the works of Hermes of Trismegistus. However, the teaching of Hermes Trismegistus can be found throughout the East up to Chinese Taoism, but also up to the Incas and Mayans in Latin America.

If Mercury is of the Age of Taurus, we do not know about Thoth. For both Mercury and Thoth, however, the age of knowledge of their existence reaches several tens of thousands of years back.

This takes us back to Atlantis, of which some claim Thoth was an Atlantean Priest. Which it might have been. But the fact is not the Atlases, but the fact that if the Mediterranean Basin was empty of water at that time, then Greece and Egypt were a common land with some lakes and rivers above. Aegean Sea and Egypt, have a common root, as their name says. And their second composition, one says Sea and the other Fall, which show the Mediterranean Flood.

Returning to the Angels Metatron and Sandalphon, we understand that these are Mercury and Thoth. That Enoch who became Metatron is Thoth, and the Prophet Elijah who became Sandalphon is Hermes. Their age is undetermined, just like that of Homer-Dionysus. And that all these may once have been the same person, or a common Interpretation of Understanding, Describing, and Recording the World, if we judge by the name of Mercury himself. Ερμής - Ερμηνεία (Hermes - Interpretation).


Have we solved the Mystery of the Angels we are looking at? We probably solved the Angels. But we opened other subjects by reading passages of Hermes Trismegistus, which are of the Underworld, which we like to believe we have overcome! And so, we will solve them if we have time left in old age! :)


* From the Emerald Tablet we read: His power is great, if he is turned into earth.

** Warning Warning - No UFOs here :) Think twice!

I found information about Mercury and Thoth here:

ΙΑΣΠΙΣ 2023-07-27 07:01:01 (UT)

I have a bit of a theme here: Metatron is Mercury in Virgo, and Sandalphon is Mercury in Gemini.
In other words, it can be the other way around. Metatron in Gemini and Sandalphon in Virgo.
Because Virgo is an Earth Sign and suits Sandalphon better.
But I'm too tired now to bother any more. So I leave it here as a footnote.

ΙΑΣΠΙΣ 2023-07-31 16:00:52 (UT)



Jupiter is a Feminine planet in Astrology, because it is Jupiter (Δίας), the number 2.
Called also and Η Δρυάς which is the only tree that Feeds from Thunderbolts!

ΙΑΣΠΙΣ 2023-07-31 23:22:03 (UT)

How, since in the Tree of Life Jupiter has the number 4, here you tell us that it is Dyas, some may think.

The answer is that in the Material World the Scale is 7.
The Tree of Life has three more steps and becomes 10, with the Holy Trinity.
Spheres that are Right and Left in the Tree at the same Level count as One.
When we ascend from the Moon to the Sun, we include in the Ascendant and the Balance of Mercury with Venus. Which Balance is achieved through the Distinction of Mercury, and the Virtue of Venus.

matrix 2023-08-03 00:50:01 (UT)

Are you still looking for the word Druids come from? Stonehenge? etc etc etc... :) :) :) :) :) :) ...

matrix 2023-08-03 17:43:07 (UT)

Moses 515 prayers.

matrix 2023-08-04 02:22:35 (UT)

If you feel overloaded tell me to stop. :)
It's not shame. To take a nap. :)
Just wake me up when you're ready.

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let there be light

ΙΑΣΠΙΣ 2023-08-16 19:58:32 (UT)

The word ANGEL (ΑΓΓΕΛΟΣ) is an abbreviation of the word MESSENGER (ΑΓΓΕΛΙΟΦΟΡΟΣ), in Greek of course.

ΙΑΣΠΙΣ 2023-08-24 10:47:51 (UT)

Tracing the temporal appearance of THOTH with the help of MERCURY ;-)

Mercury was born in some Age of Taurus, but Rules Two Signs.


Chronological Distance Based on Signs Ruled by Mercury,
but also distance that separates us from the Beginning of the Age of Gemini:

2222 X 4 = 8888

So based on the above considerations, THOT should have appeared in EGYPT when the SUN at the Vernal Equinox entered GEMINI.
Because then it coincides in time with the disappearance of Atlantis, and his appearance, THOTH, in EGYPT.

ΙΑΣΠΙΣ 2023-09-01 10:17:58 (UT)

Read more in the article, Why was Thoth renamed Hermes Trismegistus?

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