The Guardian Angel of the Moon


The Guardian of the Gate to Heaven.

Hallucinations begin with those who try to reach the Moon, mentally and literally, without proper preparation, and have not been informed of the steps, the way, either by other true Knowers, or by proper books, if they are sophisticated and can perceive exactly what they are saying. That is, from those who try, with impure body and spirit, or who got there by accident after using hallucinogenic substances.

Body and Spirit are interconnected, if one gets dirty, it will also the other get dirty. The prayers to the Angels and all the related Formulas, are necessary for the great majority, for reasons due to their level of understanding of the World, which is low. They need to feel Awe to be moved and motivated upward.

However, the recommended procedure for everyone is as follows:

Fasting for at least 40 days, with a rich, but bloodless, meal after sunset.
Then we continue the bloodless diet and eat normally whenever we are hungry.

Dion Fortune's book, The Secret Kabbalah, describes everything you need to invoke the Gods and Angels of each realm. There we learn that in order to "ascend" to the Moon, which is the Foundation of our Work, and is Founded with the Purity of our Intentions, an Angel awaits us and asks us the Name of our Soul. Another Angel must have revealed this to us earlier. If we don't know the Name of our Soul, we just at most see hallucinations, like those we described at the beginning, and upset the world with our inability to understand...

The Angels will judge whether you are ready for the ascension and no one else on Earth...
Until you receive your Soul Name, you should wait patiently and believe in yourself.
Sooner or later, depending on the karma each carries (I shuddered...) the Angels will respond.

And now you don't need me to tell you what to do. At least that's what I think.

Mercury Psychotransmitter 2023-08-09 10:14:54 (UT)

Mercury Psychotransmitter
Angel of the Moon Gabriel
Saint Christopher of Orthodoxy


Should I re-introduce them en masse?
Didn't I do it like Constantine the Great and here are the results?

But... If you try to go to the Moon full of blood, Cerberus is waiting to devour you!
And Cerberus is very real, believe me...

If you are not full of blood, he will come with his sweetest face. Of course, I recently kicked him out because he came uninvited. But after I understood that, I also understood what he came to do. And he did. It made me understand the symbolism of the case, what it wants to say, and how important Life is!
If you do not respect and protect Life, neither Moon, nor Heaven, nor Heavens, for you. What is left then? Soil and soil again...
And when we say respect, we don't mean clearing the shit of your pet dog, but don't eat animals.

The only thing he didn't tell me is if I should tell you too... Of course I haven't taken any oath of secrecy anywhere, so it's up to me to decide for you too. But can you stand it? Or the road to Ithaca is a long way for you?

However, in order to learn your Soul Name, you will have to make a decision that you will at least never eat meat again.
Then of course the fish will chase you, and force you to cut them too.
What's left? Some shrimp, some snails... :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) ...

In the article Initiation About, I said to love your children and make sure they love you if you want to have a good ending. But by passing on, your bad habits to your child, you are bequeathing your bad habits to them. Yes, you do not go to the plant or animal kingdom and continue through your children, but you also did not give your children the resources to go beyond you and surpass you. And since you are the same, one and the same with your children, you remain stagnant in a meaningless and declining state of existence, which sooner or later will wipe out the Species en masse.

No one will be spared, because Evolution continues and whoever does not keep up with its rhythms, disappears. It becomes compost for future use...

And since today I live, tomorrow I die, I consider it appropriate to reveal what I know. And those of you who can, cooperate with your obolus to Psycho-Mercury, so that he may reveal more to you tomorrow.

ΙΑΣΠΙΣ 2023-11-12 09:41:20 (UT)

And because there is much talk about Hebrew, as the language of Angels, and as the language of Western Occultism, as Dion Fortune mentions which I recommend above, let me say a few things according to my own experience, so that there are no misunderstandings.

For Westerners, who do not know Greek, and that the main concern of their occult studies is that we all become "one", as if we all came from the same mold... Hebrew has some strong points, such as bringing you into contact with the Angels directly and quickly. Let's not forget, however, that their names are Greek, as we have shown in previous articles, with Metatron and Sandalphon. Because the language of the Gods, served by the Angels, is Greek!

Looking up the Hebrew pronunciation myself now, as the Greeks read it in Dion Fortune's book, and comparing the Names of Gods and Angels to Aleister Crowley's 777 and which Fortune also relied on to write her book, the pronunciation of the names is, at least in some, different. For example in some field/Number of the Tree of Life, the name of God in the book in Greek translation is Jehovah. But in 777 it is Yah. So we already see some mistakes, probably due to bad translation. because Jehovah has four letters in Hebrew, while Yah has two. They are the first two letters of God and correspond to the number 2. And although I had the "contact", before I found these differences that I now mention here, and I saw the Wheels of the Zodiac (that is, of destiny), one touching inside the other Perpendicular, and spin, I didn't see anything else.

But also the name of the Angel in the book is mentioned as Ratziel, while the normal pronunciation is Raziel. As Raziel, however, we can analyze it in Greek, as we must, and find out what it means:

RA-ZI-EL = Look, the Sun lives!

In Greek:

Κοίτα, ζει ο Ήλιος!

As for Yah, I'm guessing for now, that it's probably Iachus, paraphrased in Hebrew. But I haven't looked it up yet to sign it all.